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Our Philosophy

Ultimately, MyMD Select is just a new and personal way to practice medicine that is going back to the basics.  Just the doctor, the patient, and only what is absolutely necessary at a fair price.  The time we have to spend with you is what keeps your costs down, keeps you off unnecessary medications, keeps you from having unnecessary procedures, and keeps you from wasting time and money.

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24/7 access to Dr. Carter and his team

Personalized, private, convenient and accessible direct primary care services

Preventative care and healthy lifestyle management for all ages

Healthcare advocacy and guidance

In-office evaluation and management of most health conditions

Cost savings – no expensive ER and Urgent Care visits

Care that goes far beyond what is allowed within the current patient-insurance-physician system

Access to all the services that your Boarded Family Medicine doctor can offer
Why Choose

What do we offer?

MyMD Select's commitment to our clients is that we will take your health seriously. It’s not about treating symptoms, it’s about treating people. It’s about being proactive with your health but also reactive when the situation calls for it. To help frame our services, here are a few of things we are able to provide to our members:

  • Adult & Pediatric Care – we want to care for your entire family!

  • Chronic Disease Management: High blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol etc.

  • Lab testing (blood, urine) with low cost test results

  • Wound care, including stitches, staples and/or surgical glue

  • Casting/Splinting

  • IV Fluids

  • Genetic Testing

  • Cancer Screenings

  • Urgent Care Services

  • Portable X-ray

  • BioTE Hormone Therapy 

  • Home and nursing home visits for just $50

  • and much more…

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