Why MyMD Select?

Personalized care that goes far beyond what is allowed within the current patient-insurance-physician system.

What do we offer?

We offer full medical care. Adult, pediatric and emergency services – we want to care for and serve your entire family!

How it Works

Just the doctor, the patient, and only what is absolutely necessary at a fair price that is easy to understand.

Ready to take control of your healthcare?

Personalized, private medical care

with a focus on your needs.

24/7 Access to Your Doctor

Call or text Dr. Carter and his team anytime with your questions and concerns. It's like Web MD except you get to talk to a real doctor.

No Expensive ER and Urgent Care Visits

With more than a decade of experience as a full-time ER doctor, Dr. Carter is ready and capable of handling your emergency.

Preventative Care

We focus on preventative care and healthy lifestyle management for all ages, so you can be sure your entire family is happy and healthy.

A doctor focused on treating you -- not just your symtoms -- makes all the difference:

“I have never been so happy with a doctor’s office as I have been with y’all. I never want to go back to a “regular” doctor again.”

- Shannon P., member since 2018 


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