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A Medical Team Focused On Your Health Journey
Hassle-free Direct Primary Care that improves your well-being from the inside-out.




People feel unknown by their doctors because of complicated, disjointed health-care systems. Your health is too important for impersonal care. You shouldn't be treated like a medical record. You should be treated like a whole person whose health goals and unique circumstances can be understood.

MyMD Select promises:

  • No complicated bills

  • No long waits in crowded waiting rooms

  • No more unnecessary confusion about your health 

  • No more complicated systems and impersonal processes

24/7 Care

A convenient luxury clinic combined with responsive virtual technology 

Comfortable Clinic

comfortable clinic and personable staff so you feel right at home

Save Time + Money

Transparent pricing for low-cost services, procedures and labs without time-wasting third-party hassles

Feel Better

Wellness services combine with medical care to maintain your healthiest lifestyle

We care about you and your loved ones feeling better. We left traditional clinics and hospitals because we wanted the freedom to partner with patients on their complete health journeys without the barriers of complicated systems and processes.

  • 30+ Years in Emergency Rooms

  • 14+ Years of Cardiology Experience

  • 30+ Years of Family Medicine

  • 10+ Years of Hormone Replacement Therapy 

Trust Your Health

Visit OR Call the office

It's clean and comfortable – and stocked with Netflix and snacks – to make you feel at home.


pick a plan

Pick a plan that serves you and your loved ones.


feel better

Explore our extensive menu of services that will upgrade your routine health and wellness.

S. Hill

“Dr. Carter researches and looks deep into medicine and medical research, but his team isn’t just pushing traditional medicine the way big pharmaceutical companies want. MyMD Select cares about healing and quality of life. They were able to look at my wife’s chronic jaw pain in a comprehensive way because they always spend the time necessary to know their patients as human beings.”

Chris M. 

“Since we’re self-employed, our only traditional health-insurance option was the Affordable Care Act. We looked into other options and were surprised when I learned that a medical-share plan combined with MyMD Select was less expensive than a family plan with traditional health insurance. That’s not to mention the additional savings we get from lower-cost labs, tests and preventative care services.”

M. Akkerman

LOVE MyMd Select so much! They helped today with an issue that normally would have taken days to resolve anywhere else. The app works perfectly for me to chat with questions. Sweetest staff!

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